Gloss Laminate Rectangle Pedestals

These high quality laminate pedestal uses the same construction methods and materials we use to produce products for companies like Crate & Barrel. By using CNC lock miter joinery and PVA cold pressed HPL laminate, we are able to create a laminate white display pedestal with outstanding durability and weight handling capabilities (we put 600# on a 18x18x30" pedestal and it showed no signs of stress). We also supply these high quality laminate pedestals with a clean smooth birch plywood interior and edges to allow you to use them for your displays in mulpile ways. These rectangular display pedestals are a real value. 

 The sizes and colors are reflected in the part numbers. 

Part number key:     550-15-15-42-LAM-GWH

1rst 3 digits = Style  (550=Rectangle Laminate, 551= Rectangle Laminate with clean birch plywood interior and edges)

Next 3 sets of digits = Length - Width - Height

5th set of digits = Material  (Laminate)

6th set of digits = Color

              GWH = Gloss White Laminate

Product Code Body Size x Height Price
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550-10-10-5-LAM GWT 10" X 10" X 5" $49.00
550-10-10-10-LAM-GWT 10" X 10" X 10" $59.00
550-10-10-13-LAM-GWT 10" X 10" X 13" $66.00
550-9-9-18-LAM-GWT 9" X 9" X 18" $81.00
550-12-12-5-LAM-GWT 12" X 12" X 5" $54.00
550-12-12-12-LAM-WHT 12" X 12" X 12" $70.00
550-15-15-15-LAM-GWT 15" X 15" X 15" $84.00
550-15-15-30-LAM-GWT 15" X 15" X 30" $122.00
550-18-18-27-LAM-GWT 18" X 18" X 27" $127.00
Gloss Laminate Rectangle Pedestals are built to order so if you are looking for a custom size or color click: REQUEST A QUOTE
"I can't say enough about how WONDERFUL the pedestals are - they are so nicely constructed and are better than I pictured!!! They are PERFECT in our cases !!! I have been bragging to everyone - and have passed the word !!!"
- Ileen from Phoenix, AZ

All gloss laminate rectangle pedestals are produced in the US, under strict quality control policies, with attention to detail. Our experienced staff, combined with state of the art CNC equipment, allow us to build gloss laminate rectangle pedestals fast and ship to your home, store or gallery promptly.