Gloss White Laminet

Gloss white laminets are ideal to showcase artwork in galleries and products in retail stores. Their neutral color, with the proper lighting, lets them remain invisible and make the visitor focus his/her attention on the object above it.

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Skillfully arranging products on gloss white laminets has always been an effective merchandising technique, because they focus but do not withdraw attention from the objects they display. For them to work well in your store or gallery, they should complement the type of artwork being exhibited, or your brand's style if they are in a retail store. Traditional gloss white laminets can support marble busts or utilitarian artwork like vases. Octagonal or hexagonal pedestals are considered more traditional because they reminisce the columns used in classical architecture. Modern gloss white laminets consist of simpler square shapes, giving way to a more contemporary style.

Why Gloss White Laminets ?

A rule of thumb when choosing the color of a display pedestal is to contrast the color of the item so that it stands out. If the artwork or product uses light colors, a darker pedestal should be considered. Otherwise, maple or gloss white laminets are ideal. The good thing about white is that with spot lighting, you can make it become any color you like. It is the only color that will reflect any shade you target at it. As you know, color conveys emotions and influences on the mood. White is clean, pure, and honest, making it a perfect backdrop for products of mixed tones. They also have an image of neutrality and sophistication, typical of minimalist interior decoration.

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Materials and Finishes used in Gloss White Laminets

There is a wide choice of materials if you have opted for gloss white laminets . There are solid wood pedestals that are painted white or laminate pedestals whose outer layer is already white. The finish also conveys a different message. It can be matte white or gloss white, with the former being more discreet and the latter standing out more.

Defining the Width and Height of Gloss White Laminets

Choosing the right height for a display pedestal is simple. It should be tall enough to show the object at eye-level. Small jewelry, electronics, and minute valuable items are usually placed on higher gloss white laminets while large sculptures or heavier household items get shorter ones. Width and height should be sufficient to place the object on them, but not so much that they start consuming corridor space in your gallery or store. If your object has mainly one attractive side, the gloss white laminets can lay back against the wall, saving space. If on the other hand, the product or artwork can benefit from being observed from every angle, round gloss white laminets may suit it better.

Attracting Attention with Gloss White Laminets

If your product is better displayed alongside companion or complementary products, it may be better placed onto a table or shelf. if on the contrary, you need to make it stand out as unique and special, the gloss white laminets is ideal for showcasing it. This should be combined with specific lighting. Ambient fluorescent or bulb lights will not make your object stand out, even on the best gloss white laminets . Spot lighting and LED lights provide the highest contrast and enable you to keep the overall gallery or store illumination at a medium level, while very intense for the particular artwork or products you want to make protagonists.

Where to Place Gloss White Laminets in your Store or Gallery

The location of a product in your retail space is also important. Placing the recently received items near the main entrance triggers customers curiosity to enter and makes a clear statement that you have the latest merchandise. In a gallery, it could be an item that represents your current exhibition.

In any case, testing is required until you identify the location that helps your white display pedestals work best for your gallery or store.

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