WHITE PEDESTAL - Direct from Manufacturer

WW Pedestals has 27 years experience in manufacturing display pedestals for America's most renowned retail stores. All of these Pedestal models are built with high quality materials and construction standards. Thanks to our advanced technology and production methods, we can guarantee fast delivery time. You can choose from a variety of sizes, shapes and finishes. Each display pedestal has a highly resistant structure and smooth finish, enhancing your product display or artwork exhibit.

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white pedestal
(laminate - glossy)
laminate glossy white pedestals

Tested for great weight

This high quality pedestal uses the same construction methods and materials we use to produce products for companies like Crate & Barrel. Tested to support great weight

white pedestal
(laminate - matte)
square matte pedestal

Outstanding durability

By using CNC lock miter joinery and PVA cold pressed HPL laminate, we are able to create a display pedestal with outstanding durability and weight handling capabilities

white pedestal
round pedestal

Beutiful Sheen

This pedestal is produced using an environmentally responsible, waterborne acrylic lacquer. The medium sheen lacquer will enhance the beauty of any artwork placed on it.

white pedestal
lacquer hexagon

3-step Waterborne Coating

This display pedestal is made from high quality veneer core plywood with a solid wood top and base build up, finished using a durable 3-step waterborne coating process.

white pedestal
pedestal lacquer octagon

Made of high quality
veneer core plywood

Manufactured using a very high quality, veneer core plywood as well as solid wood for the top and base build up. Extremely strong, this wood pedestal can withstand great weight while displaying a unique and graceful appearance. This octagonal pedestal is sprayed with three coats of a high grade industrial, environmentally responsible, waterborne acrylic lacquer that provides lasting beauty.

white pedestal
solid surface pedestal

Extremely smoot finish

This unique pedestal is fabricated from high quality soft solid surface material for a seamless effect.
The soft matte finish is so smooth and gentle that the pedestal alone appears like art. Add some art or product and prepare yourself for the acclaim!
Make a statement in your lobby, entrance or retail environment!

Experience in retail fixtures

We have shipped well over 100,000 pedestals to retail stores. The projected in-service life of our pedestals is 10 years in high traffic retail environments. We have manufactured the retail displays, counters and trade fixtures for over 200 major retail store locations.

Why are our white pedestals stronger and more durable?

WW Pedestals engineers and manufactures its pedestals using advanced CNC equipment and lock-miter construction. Each white pedestal is fabricated using mill-veneered plywood panels that are stronger and more durable than veneered MDF panels. Laminate pedestals use the same construction methods as wood pedestals except they are constructed from mill-pressed laminated particle board. Structural reinforcement is provided at the bottom of each pedestal to ensure continuing strength.

Caring about the environment

All materials used by WW Pedestals comply with strict California CARB requirements. All finishes are water-based, no solvent based finishes are used.

Custom built - specifically for you

The white pedestals manufactured by WW Pedestals are built-to-order and they are built FAST. The Company does not inventory any pedestal for sale. Any pedestal you order will be built by us specifically for you. Generally, from the date an order is received, pedestals are manufactured and shipped in 3-4 business days, for most common sizes and shapes.

display pedestals for retail use

How long does it take to make a pedestal?

  • Veneered pedestals with clear finish: Shipped in 3 business days.
  • Painted pedestals: Shipped in 3 business days.
  • Veneered pedestals that are stained: Shipped in 4 business days.
  • Laminate pedestals: Orders received by Tuesday 12:00 PM central time are shipped Friday via FEDEX or Monday if common carrier shipment is required.
  • Round pedestals: Shipping dates will depend on the size and material. An estimated shipping date will be provided prior to accepting an order.

What if I need a special size?

Since everything we manufacture is built-to-order, WW Pedestals gladly accepts custom size requests without increasing production times or adding significant cost.

How do I care for my pedestals?

A Wood display pedestal can be dusted with a soft cloth. Fingerprints and dirt can be removed using a non-abrasive damp cloth or sponge with a mixture of warm water with mild dishwashing soap such as Dawn. Do not use cleaners such as Pledge since they build up on the surface of the wood. Laminate pedestals can be cleaned using a non-abrasive cloth or sponge and a mixture of mild dishwashing soap such as Dawn and water. Wood and laminate pedestals should be wiped dry after cleaning.